REMEDi (fully owned by Remedi Innovations Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian registered company with registration number, 201701032613) is upgrading the healthcare system for the 21st century. REMEDi’s technology is freeing us from the confine of paperwork, giving our medical practitioner, pharmacist and patients the access and the ability to share our health information securely, when and where it’s needed. It is a big leap but not a new one. Throughout history, technology has changed our lives, giving us where we need to go faster, saving us time and improving how we communicate. It is time for healthcare to catch up to the way, how we live the rest of our lives.

We are reshaping the healthcare, creating a smarter and responsive system, without the burden of having to do redundant paperwork. Saving time during a visit to a doctor and improving the way prescriptions are managed; REMEDi has the potential to bring health information together from multiple sources, so healthcare professionals (HCPs) that provide services to you, is on the same page, not pages.

With REMEDi, you’ll be able to securely connect to your selected records online to review historical and current results. The results; you will be an active participant in taking care of your health together with the HCPs that treats you. The future is now here, both HCPs and patients have to work together to fight diseases, and with REMEDi, this is finally no longer impossible.

REMEDi innovative core Electronic Medical Record is the first in the market to connect Patients, Healthcare providers and Healthcare funders securely, compliant to relevant medical and privacy laws and regulation as well as cost-effective.

 This core EMR deployed via:

  • REMEDi cloud-based Clinic Management Software (CMS) currently used more than 60 clinics nationwide.
  • Occupational Health Management system for oil and gas offshore platform used by Malaysian oil rigs to manage their workers.

REMEDi solution is also the first in the market to allow these medical record to be controlled and accessible by patients, for them to share such information to healthcare providers (with their digital consent) as well as their healthcare funders (companies, insurance or even government).

Suppose you have a new doctor, who needs the results from the past check-ups or your grandfather forgets which medicines he suppose to take or your daughter is at boarding school and has to go to the hospital.

Having online access to you and your medical history can save more than time, it can save lives.

Having a complete picture of your medical history is vital to manage your health. REMEDi gives you, your loves one and healthcare providers to the big picture so you can make decisions together that are right for you. Now it is time to take that step to the world with better communication and greater convenience. Having secured access to information at the right time and the right place can help everyone to get the best care.