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Creating a Consultation Room

Each doctors are required to be assigned to a room before staffs are able to assign a patient to the doctor.

Admin and staff accounts are able to create rooms.

As Admin: Log in as an admin, at the menu, under Clinic Settings, click QMS
As Staff: Log in as a staff, at the menu, click QMS Management

Create A Room

Administrator view

To create a new room, key the room name under the Create New Room section located at the top right corner of the page and click Create.

Assign Doctor to a Room

To assign a doctor to a room, go to Assign Room section at the bottom right corner of the screen, choose a room, doctor’s name and if required, set as active room for the doctor and click Assign.

Removing a Doctor from a Room

To remove a doctor from a room, go to the List of Rooms, identify the room that the doctor is assigned to and click Edit.

At the Edit Room Details page, remove the doctor and click Update.

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